Kendra Katz is a Certified Personal Trainer currently training at The Working Body in Oakland, California. Kendra brings a keen and unique eye to fitness and health by incorporating her many years as a dance instructor. Her whole goal is to help you reach and surpass yours. Be it: weight loss, recovering from an injury, becoming a stronger dancer or gaining muscle. She is there to to guide you through your life change.

The first step you need in change is an open mind ready for commitment.

Personal Training

Work 1:1 with Kendra to reach your fitness goals. Be it weight loss, strength gain or feeling better she is there to help in your fitness journey.

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Private Lessons

Want to get that one move down? Or enhance your dance, Kendra is available for private lessons. Email to enquire.

Dance Classes

Semi-private 4 week series
April 10 – May 1
Please email for location, held in a private studio.